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Chapter 677 – People Have Different Ambitions visitor sea
Hao Ren looked at the Shrine Master’s back and hesitated.
Regulating the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, the Shrine Expert was almost the overlord on the Dragon Tribe. If Hao Ren had become the Shrine Master’s disciple, he would almost end up being the next strongest individual from the Dragon Tribe.
“Zilong, do you people have any objections?” the Shrine Become an expert in inquired.
“Hao Ren may be the first inspector who could project to the inside section of the Demon Sea and returning properly. Regarding his guts and intelligence, he is competent as being a point 4 inspector,” Yue Zilong said.
If no inspector had taken this objective, one of many deputy shrine masters or Shrine Expert would need to produce the getaway actually, however they would actually feel embarrassing in front of Zhen Yuan Zi 1 .
“Zhen Yuan Zi is the expert of most Earthly Immortals, along with his Immortal Fruits can enhance one’s cultivation power by one thousand years. If you want to growth quickly, I’m able to take you as my disciple,” the Shrine Become an expert in said.
The nine deputy shrine experts were definitely a tad amazed. After all, Hao Ren had develop into a point 3 inspector directly following your general exams. Then, in just 2 months, he was elevated to the level 4 inspector. It was a rocket-speedy advertising!
“Thank you, Elder.” Hao Ren looked at Elder Luo go walking around the stairs right before changing and jogging down the corridor.
“You…are Hao Ren?” the person struggling with the natural stone wall structure said unexpectedly.
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Hao Ren had the golden expression and set it into his pendant.
Elder Luo ushered Hao Ren for the entry of the top notch flooring and guaranteed out deferentially, questioning Hao Ren to go in by themself.
“Hao Ren will be the first inspector who could venture to the intrinsic portion of the Demon Sea and profit properly. Regarding his bravery and intellect, he is experienced to become amount 4 inspector,” Yue Zilong said.
“Since you may have no objections, transform his token, Zilong,” the Shrine Excel at mentioned.
The nine deputy shrine masters were actually a lttle bit taken aback. After all, Hao Ren got become a degree 3 inspector directly following the typical assessments. Then, in just sixty days, he was publicized to your stage 4 inspector. It turned out a rocket-quickly campaign!
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“You will keep this Penglai Immortal Expression.” A gold round expression increased through the Shrine Expert and floated toward Hao Ren.
Designed with dark-colored rocks, the Dragon G.o.d Shrine looked extremely serious. Walking from it, he spotted no lighting externally, which meant that no mother nature substance could leak out. It had been like a massive cave with many different cave areas.
If no inspector required this goal, one of several deputy shrine experts or even the Shrine Expert will have to create the vacation actually, but they would experience embarrassing in front of Zhen Yuan Zi 1 .
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On the list of nine deputy shrine experts of the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, it’s stated that three got attained the pinnacle stage on the Qian Stage and Hao Ren thought the remaining six will need to have been at the top-level of the Qian Amount.
Governing the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, the Shrine Excel at was almost the overlord from the Dragon Tribe. If Hao Ren became the Shrine Master’s disciple, he would almost end up being the subsequent most robust particular person on the Dragon Tribe.
The Shrine Expert and Deputy Shrine Maters’ farming suites have been on the top floor of your Dragon G.o.d Shrine, above the areas from the levels 4 inspectors.
After several moments of silence, he noticed that Hao Ren was still standing upright on the mystery holding chamber and claimed, “If you may have hardly anything else to say, you are liberated to go.”
The marketing to level 4 usually necessary the agreement with the Shrine Grasp and all nine deputy shrine masters after the applicant pa.s.sed toughness examinations. Nonetheless, Hao Ren’s campaign was suggested with the Shrine Excel at and authorized by the nine deputy shrine experts promptly, so that it is the easiest promotion inside the background of the organization.
Listening to Hao Ren’s thoughts, the nine deputy shrine masters who were relaxing in the armchairs shook a bit.
Hao Ren stood steadily on to the ground. Given that the nine deputy shrine masters acquired still left, and the man confronted the best choice on the Dragon G.o.d Shrine directly, he asked the problem he was holding inside for many years.
Experiencing the natural stone walls, the Shrine Learn inhaled sincerely, as well as characteristics basis published from his physique all of a sudden higher.
“Since you might have no objections, alter his token, Zilong,” the Shrine Excel at reported.
If he became the disciple with the Shrine Grasp, he might be able to consider whatever treasures he wished for from the factory of the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, as well as the nine deputy shrine experts would attempt their very best to coach him in cultivation. Even so, Hao Ren didn’t want to be too close to the Dragon G.o.d Shrine.
“Yes,” Hao Ren responded to since he withstood in the middle of the actual key holding chamber.
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They was aware the eccentric character of Zhen Yuan Zi who would test the potency of the inspector from your Dragon G.o.d Shrine, but they also were actually surprised he utilised the strongest Seven Hurting Range.
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“Did the Penglai Tropical isle Grasp assist you to go simply?” The Shrine Excel at asked once again.
As an inspector, Hao Ren obtained received respect for any Dragon G.o.d Shrine by going into your Demon Seas and providing the elixir pills to Zhen Yuan Zi, displaying that inspite of the potential risks during the Demon Sea, the Dragon G.o.d Shrine still could send people in there and back safely and securely.
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Convinced that the Shrine Expert would turn around, Hao Ren was anticipating to see his confront.
More amazingly, Hao Ren possessed broken the range development!

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